Thursday, May 1, 2014

Symbols of the voice in my head. Fact or fiction.

Written and spoken and language can be the bane of our existence.  I communicate to you the voice in my head by using the symbols I have learned that we are both programmed to understand. This can be very limiting if I am in a place where the symbols they have learned to communicate do match the symbols I have learned to communicate with.

We are taught how to speak words to tell each other what is in the personal world of our mind. We are taught language a symbolism of spoken and written letters to share with those around us what is in our minds. We are taught the meaning of each word and each symbol and each sound. We are also learn to associate a feelings with these words and symbols. We learn about good and bad, beautiful and ugly, love and hate,  according to the people in our lives we are learning from. Is everything we say with this language we learn to each other the absolute truth? No. When it comes to written and spoken communication it only has meaning if we understand it and agree to the meaning of it as it has been taught to us. Language is something we rely on and need to make it easier to convey the complicated world of our minds to others and for them to share with us what is going on in their mind,  no two people have the same mind and no two people live in the same head space.

I love to write. Sometimes my writing has gotten me into trouble, sometimes it has helped me out. It has soothed my broken soul on more than one occasion. I also love to speak sometimes I get verbal diarrhea unable to find the shut off valve, and other times I should open my mouth and speak and the door is shut and locked and I can not find the key.

So we communicate. It is inherent in our soul to share our own individual worlds with each other.

Communication is not only about the spoken and written word, it is about what we sense without the symbols of language. The truest form of communication is the communication that comes without words.  It is what we see, feel, hear and smell. I see a car you do not have to explain it to me, it is what it is, I may not understand it the same way you do but it is what it is a solid object I can see. The object is truth it is what it is. I can feel your energy you do not have to tell me what kind of a day you are having I just know. You communicate with me with energy. I hear your words and often they do not match your energy.  Energy is truth. I can hear the infliction of your words, whatever the words may be I can hear the energy of your words.

Words are not always truth. When I speak to you, you do not know whether what I speak is my truth or not my truth. We can hide behind words. Words can be empty. 'How are you today? ....... Fine.' Empty. We can trick others into believe something that is not true with language. We can create chaos and hate and fear and hurt and sadness with words. We can also create beauty and love and joy and comfort with words. Language is a powerful thing, however it is not always truthful.

Words can be empty, untruthful and deceiving. As long as you are alive your energy will never be empty, untruthful or deceiving.  Your energy can not lie, it is the truth of your being. The symbols I use to communicate to you what the voice in my head is saying are not always truthful. No matter how hard I may try they are subject to your personal beliefs and feelings. When we learn to believe in the truth of our energy we will be able to create a more beautiful world.

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