Saturday, May 17, 2014


I did one of those online quizzes this one was called "What do people like about you?"
It warned me: You might be in for a surprise.

It had 10 generic questions. 
What would you miss the most after not having a week? -Car -TV -Computer -Phone
How often do you find yourself angry at someone? -Almost Always -Almost Never -Rarely -Sometimes
Pick a board game -Chess -Checkers -Backgammon. 
What is the best gift you can receive? -Box of treats -Hugs -kisses -Flowers
and so on.........

Well after being forewarned I might be surprised at the answer, much to my surprise I got this:
You're a blissy-type. Happiness, euphoria, and rapture describe your personality well. You have a contagiously optimistic outlook on life, and deep down you truly and honestly believe that things will get better. Precisely because of this natural elation you have, reality always aligns itself to give you the best that it offers.

WOW ....... Woo Hoo!!

This after I honestly answered I feel like I am almost always angry at someone, and that the best gift I could get was a Box of Treats (which I promptly felt was a selfish answer even though it was a truthful answer).  Huh go figure. Well needless to say I am going to take this one and run with it. I never figured myself to be the blissy-type before. Incidentally I also took the test and answered the opposite of what I would answer and the thing I got was a 'Smile' so not everyone gets the same thing. 

Okay so the question is really what is bliss? Because it is one of those words that sounds really really hard to attain. 

Bliss: is a stage which is above any emotional state that is characterized as peace or happiness (feelings of enjoyment, pleasure, and satisfaction).

Okay so that does not sound so intimidating to achieve. All I have to do is be in an emotional state of happiness and peace, which is the place in my head where I am feeling enjoyment, pleasure and satisfaction. Looking at it this way I find this is something easily attainable.

This truly is my goal in life, like really who would not want to be happy, euphoric, and rapturous? What great words to strive for in my life. So I ask myself do I already have an optimistic outlook on life? Do I truly believe deep down that things will get better? Is reality aligning itself with me to give me the best it has to offer?

I am choosing to believe that my guides are sending me a message with this random little test, that I am on the right track. That all the affirmations, conscious setting forth of intent, meditating, positive energy and believing I will receive all that I desire is working for me. I am achieving the optimistic outlook on life I want. I do believe things will get better and I do know that reality aligns itself to my desires. My life is on the right track and I am creating a positive reality for myself! 

(shut up and go back to your closet Ego!

It can be hard to be positive and believe that all of my efforts are reaping positive results in my life when Ego is constantly trying to rear his sarcastic negative ugly head inside of me and trying to beat me down.  I sometimes think "As if life is not hard enough as it is, without that voice in my head (who's name is Ego) telling me I am not: good enough, pretty enough, strong enough, smart enough...... blah blah blah".  Then I think, "hey screw you Ego, I am good, strong, smart and pretty enough." I do not have to buy into your negative attitude, I can and am freeing my positive blissy self from the prison my Ego has tried to keep it in all my life and I am believing in the positive reality I am creating for myself.  

Affirmation for today:
I am living with optimism and bliss. 

Love and Light

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