Wednesday, April 30, 2014

My Pendant

So when I was living in Belize I wanted to talk to my dad who has passed away and I know is still with me and watching over me. I suppose being so far away from everyone and everything I knew it seemed like a good time to try and 'speak' with my dad. The only way I could figure out to get a definitive answer from him that I could understand was to make a pendant. I read that you could take any stone and make a pendant out of it so I  found a stone I thought would work and hung it from a piece of dental floss. Yup dental floss. Pendants do not have to be all fancy and perfect to work, I actually found that when I moved back to Canada and changed the dental floss out for wire wrapping and a pretty chain that it did not work as well as if it took more energy and was harder for my spirit guides to move.

I began asking my dad questions and low and behold the pendant worked. I made (and still do make) a conscious effort to stabilize my hands well when I am working with my pendant as I do not want my own movements to make the pendant move.  I have watched many people use there pendants and I notice that it seems to me they may be moving there hands to make the pendant say what they want it to say, most likely I am wrong however I want to know for sure that my answers are coming from spirit and not me.

I have come to understand that I have many 'spirit guides' with me at any one time. I always thought of them as my Guardian Angels, but I guess there are different 'levels' of spiritual beings. They each have a different label such as 'spirit guides' and 'guardian angels'. Here on earth we use series of symbols known as language to communicate and we tend to compartmentalize everything to better understand it. So my being told that there is a difference between what I had thought was my dad being my guardian angel to someone telling me and me agreeing to him being called my spirit guide instead is just a series of agreements I have made with others to better communicate with them. Having said that I still think of my dad as one of my guardian angels as I think of all the positive spiritual entities that are around me every day.

I regularly pick up my pendant to speak with the angels/guides in my life but whom I can not see.  I always ask 'how do you say yes', 'how do you say no', 'how do you say I can not answer that at this time'. I noticed one day that the way that spirit made the pendant move in response to my questions changed. From a circle for yes to a forward and back movement for yes. I ask if this was because the guides in my life had changed and got an affirmative answer. I have learned that guides can come and go in your life as you need them as they are specific to what guidance we may need depending on what path we are on and what we are learning at that time.

I always feel comforted by my spirit guides / guardian's presence. I know they are with me and there to support and guide me. My pendant gives me a physical way to see what answers they have to my questions.

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