Friday, June 6, 2014

I am good enough

Well I attended a Goddess Heart Retreat. It was so nice, full of relaxed positive energy. What did I learn about myself? I learned I can do something alone and be okay. I am a nice person and people like me for me. I am good enough.

I AM good enough.
I will remember that my story is only my story and I have to live in and love only my story.
I will not take offence if someone does not want to be a part of my story.
I will live one second at a time, live in each moment and not worry about what any other person on the planet is thinking or feeling about me.
I will let all things come to me on there own or not come to me at all
I know that others do not validate me, I validate myself and what they think has absolutely no true bearing on my life at all.
I will be open to them if they are with me,  I will be loving and kind and accept their loving kindness in return should they decide to bestow it upon me.
I will not let anyone else write my story, one way or the other. It does not matter what anyone else thinks of me but me,  if I am love and light, authentic and non-judgemental then I am good with me.

I welcome all light beings into my life and invite them all to be a part of my story. All things I desire will come to me. I choose to trust in me and what I am feeling this minute and not judge myself based on the opinions or 'perceived' opinions of others.

I choose to be grateful for every minute of every day that I am here on this earth, be it positive or negative.

Affirmation for today:
Today I am good enough, every second and every minute of every hour
good things will come to me.

Love and Light

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