Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Panic or calm....... my choice

One thing I have been taught is that I create my own reality. So why then is my reality not always bright and sunny and not stressful? I know that whatever I send out comes back to me. I try my very very hardest to send out positive thoughts and energy so that the same returns back to me.

I have for many years been practicing ways to energetically protect myself, I put my bubble around myself to filter out all the negative that invades my aura from others around me. I imagine mirrors facing out to reflect back any purposefully sent negativity back to the sender.  Ego however does not reside outside these protections I create around myself instead he resides inside of me and he is always there ever willing to taunt me and no matter how often I put his annoying little ass back in  closet, he always knows the best words to whisper in my ear so I allow him out to play. He is a master at knowing where to poke at me that will encourage me to worry, because according to him terrible panic and worry/fight or flight are the energies that 'will' solve all problems. 

Of course all that crazy worry created panic does is create a problem filled future of unmanageable proportions. The roiling emotions of panic and worry that I stir in the huge boiling pot of my mind feeds my ego and the more my pot boils the more joyful my ego becomes. It comes to mind the cartoons of the devil on one shoulder and the angel on the other. That annoying little (or big if I let him be) ego rollicking through my mind cheering me loudly on as I joyfully create a chaotic panic filled picture of my future, while the quieter calmer voices of my 'angels' so easily goes unheard. 

Once the little bugger gets a grip on my emotions it is often terribly hard to pry his fingers out of the cracks and put him back where he belongs behind the closed door to be seen and not heard so I can hear the quieter more calm voices around me. 

When ego has gotten a good strong hold on my hand, often days can go by before I am able to calm the chaos that I have helped him create,  to feel the soft embrace of my higher self and the soft voices of my spirit guides and angels and know that everything will be okay. To accept that I have the power to not let fear of the unknown take a seat at the for front of my mind. That I run my life not my ego. The unknown does not have to be fearful it can be anticipated with joy. Instead of allowing ego to create dark negative scenarios of my future. I have the ability to enjoy every perfect moment that I am living right now and should I really feel the need to predict the future I can create beautiful calm wonderful futures for myself. 

Instead of  maniacally dancing hand in hand with my ego, and helping him build the darkest scariest scenario for my future that we can "See now you are going to fail, see how little money you have! What are you going to do? It is SO SLOW at the shop it is probably going to be slow forever now and you will lose everything! What are you going to do now that you have lost everything you worked so hard for?" 

I CAN create a beautiful future by listening to the quiet voice of my higher self and walking hand in hand with my spirit guides and guardian angels. "It is slow at the shop because I have had other things planned that I had to get done for myself and the shop before the crazy busy rush of the summer begins. My spirit guides and guardian angels saw how hard it was for me to be busy and try and finish up on the newest room to the studio while packing to move to a new home and going away for a retreat and courses two weekend in a row, so they helped me create a slow calm period in which to focus on finishing up with those important things in my life.  I have been gifted with this calm and unhurried time it is not a punishment or a negative reflection of the rest of my life.  Summer will be busy with work just as I manifest it and I will have a beautiful bright worry free future I just have to allow it to manifest."

Today's Affirmation:
Just for today
I will live and enjoy every minute of today, I will not panic, I will not worry, I will not go dancing hand in hand with my ego through my mind creating a chaotic scary future. I will trust that I am creating a beautiful abundant future for myself!

Love and Light

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